Europe will tell Ukraine how to advertise gambling

At the Ukrainian Gaming Week conference, the strategy for controlling gambling advertising, which is practiced in European countries, was presented in detail. Expert Tatiana Klimenko emphasized that Ukraine also needs to properly limit gambling advertising.

European regulators pay special attention to the control of "gambling" advertising in order to primarily protect their underage citizens and those who already have gambling addiction. Control measures have been strengthened during the pandemic.

The Europian Gaming & Betting Association (EGBA) Code and some important aspects of the ASA - UK Advertising Standards Authority were named as examples of the required actions. At the same time, the actions of the Spanish regulators were called "brute force" in this country, professional athletes are strictly prohibited from filming or taking part in advertising gambling, and gambling operators are allowed to advertise their product only on their websites online casinos.

In Ukraine today, the authorities and regulators have provided for a small number of any prohibitions and restrictions, so you should "work" on the basis of what is available. But the expert also recalled the existing fines for illegal advertising, which amount to 300 minimum wages, which is about two million hryvnia.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian Gambling Regulatory Commission continues to issue licenses for online casinos.