You have to know these bonus rounds in online slots

Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a full professional when playing in the online casino, there is one topic that probably occupies all players: the bonus rounds. You have probably already played your way through many slots and discovered a wide variety of bonuses. But did you always use it cleverly? Or rather, do you even know all the bonuses? The better you know about bonuses, the higher your profit can be. Both you and we want you to know your way around. So you can look out for the right bonuses for you. At Casinoid you can find out everything about one or the other slot bonus and fair Online Casino reviews.

The welcome bonus

We start with the welcome bonuses. You probably dusted it off when you registered with But stop, are you already registered? If not, then it's high time you did! You shouldn't miss the welcome bonus that you get when you register. It's the first bonus you can get here at - we're only going to tell you so much you won't regret it. Take a moment and read the following information carefully, because you are well prepared. So, let's go! You will receive the welcome bonus as soon as you have registered with and received the casino bonus code. We'll send it to you by email. The bonus code is always valid for a specific slot. We are sure that you will like it. Before you really get started, you should always take a look at the bonus terms and conditions. Incidentally, this applies to all of our bonuses and not just to the welcome bonus. For example, with the welcome bonus you have to deposit 10 euros and receive 50 free spins from us. This bonus is only available up to a certain amount and the payout is linked to a certain minimum turnover.

The wild and scatter symbols

Now you are registered, have won the welcome bonus and are in the starting blocks for your next slot. Two other bonuses that we are going to introduce to you now are the wild and scatter symbols. You will often come across these two symbols as they can be found in almost every game. Actually, you can't even get around it. And you don't want to believe us either. These symbols will take you to the really big wins. You don't know the difference between wild and scatter symbols? Well then, be careful: Wild symbols are your wild card. This symbol can be used universally and is therefore a real lucky charm. Wild symbols replace all other symbols - this creates winning combinations for you. It can also happen that you catch several wild symbols in a row. That too can lead you to your profit.

Scatter symbols can appear anywhere on the reel and trigger other features there. You can think of these symbols as a kind of key that unlocks the door to the free spins and bonuses. As a rule, several scatter symbols must appear so that a function can be unlocked during a spin.

But don't worry, if you want to read it all over again, just take a look at the payout table of your slot. Everything is explained very simply for you. Take a look at the different slot machines and, as the saying goes: ran for the bacon.

Free spins

Popular, more popular, free spins! Not only do you love the free spins, we do too. That's why we have a mega-large and daily changing range of free spins for you. As we have already seen, you get free spins either as a welcome bonus when you register or after they have been unlocked by the scatter symbols. But in addition to that, we also have the daily free spins offer. Here, too, a quick look at the payout table can't hurt. With some free spins you even get an additional reel that increases your chance of winning.

It is important to us to constantly offer you new challenges so that you don't get bored in your favorite casino. But what are we actually telling you here: The best thing to do now is to see which free game is available today and which slot machine you can receive the slot bonus on.

With or without a bonus?

Now we come to the question of questions: with or without a bonus, which is better? You probably can't help smiling either because the answer is really obvious. With a bonus round you naturally increase your chance of winning. Whether you play with or without a bonus also depends on your personal preference. Why should you miss such a mega opportunity? We can only advise you to read the bonus conditions carefully in any case and to inform you well. Then you can weigh up which bonus is suitable for you and which one you prefer to stay away from. Of course, that also depends on the money you want to invest. Good information is essential - and you have now received it from us. There is only one thing left for us to say: Jump into your next bonus round and have fun playing!